This is our first official Gather Kitchen Blog post! I am Nicki Hamilton, the CoFounder of Gather Kitchen. I will be the one updating this blog so feel free to reach out to me with any questions, ideas, requests, etc.!

I want to start by telling you how Gather Kitchen came about. My business partner, Soraya Spencer, and I met when we moved to Dallas, Texas. The first night that I went to her home for dinner we started talking about opening a restaurant. This was over a few glasses of wine, so the ideas were flowing! The initial concept of Gather Kitchen was something I had come up with together with my now husband when we were living in New York City. It was simply an idea at this time but when Soraya and I connected in Dallas it quickly became more. She loved the concept so much that we got to work right away. And how lucky was I to have met her, someone with 8 years of experience opening restaurants!?

I’m no expert, but from my own experience thus far I would say that it takes an idea, along with time and trial and error for a concept to come to life. Soraya and I spent months testing all of our recipes, putting together the business plan, searching for a location, finding packaging and food suppliers and that’s just to name a few things. There are tons of moving pieces that brought Gather Kitchen so close to life!

It is an idea that we are both truly passionate about. To learn more about the concept watch the video on our home page, follow us on social media @gatherkitchen and stay tuned!

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