Here's a bit about the calories.... 

"Count your chemicals and not your calories" If you worry too much about calories, you'll miss out on key nutrients.

 Take nuts for an example. Cashews are a great source of healthy fats, zinc, and magnesium. All of which can be low in a typical American diet. Eating foods that contain nuts WILL have more calories however that should not stray you from eating it. (Especially the pies here - wow! They're amazing!)

Food is the fuel to our body and if we miss out on key nutrients from REAL foods, we can't function to our best of our ability. Sure, a car can go far if you keep adding fuel to the tank (your calories, fat, and protein) but if you forget to change the oil, air filters etc (your vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients), that car will eventually break down (illness). Feed your body with whole foods, like those found at Gather Kitchen, so you can lead a healthy and happy life!

SNicole Eichinger RD, LD
Nicole Eichinger is a Registered Dietitian, founder of Nutrition's My Life, that teaches women how to feel like themselves again by improving their chronic diseases through nutrition and lifestyle changes.She is a mother to two young children and knows how important family is. This is why Nicole has a family based approach to her practices.

Nicole graduated from Texas Tech University with her Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science and went on to be the chosen speaker at her Dietetic Internship Graduation. She started her career working in the Neonatal Intensive Unit where she joked about growing babies for a living :). She assisted in running a Therapeutic Feeding Clinic (this is where she mastered her Picky Eater Skills). She was a Pediatric dietitian, Renal Dietitian, and helped many Adults (Dialysis and Home Therapies) after moving on from working at the Children's Hospital. She is well versed in Autoimmune disorders, Endocrine disorders (aka loves hormones), and by far her most favorite thing to discuss is gut health.

She ventured off out of the Healthcare System to promote preventative care. Nicole has been featured on the KENS 5 Eye witness news in San Antonio and by the San Antonio Express News, "How to Turn Your Picky Eater into a Vegetable Lover". She also loves to speak at local schools. She runs group courses, has a Nutrition and Lifestyle membership Called the Supermom’s VIP Tribe where members get access to meal plans, health guides and have 2 monthly virtual group calls; and the Chronic Health Reset Academy to turn back the clock on those suffering from chronic diseases, so they can find themselves and live free of pain.