In the winter it’s not always easy to stay healthy and feeling our best. I’m sure all off you Texas folk know, even Dallas gets cold! This recipe is something Soraya made for me and I have tried making it different ways (pictured below is a version with prosciutto & chicken sausage and a version with bacon & butternut squash noodles). I am going to share with you guys the original recipe because if it isn’t broken, why fix it!



4 Strips Bacon (Sugar Free Preferred! We like, chopped

1 Yellow Onion, chopped

3 Stalks of celery, chopped

3 leeks, chopped (optional)

1 Small Eggplant, cut into pieces

1 Small Butternut Squash, peeled and cut into pieces

1 Small Bag of Brussel Sprouts

1 Cup of Baby Bella Mushrooms

3 Branches of Thyme

3 tsp Sea Salt

4 tsp Black Pepper

1 tsp Lemon Zest

¼ cup Toasted Pecans (optional)


  • Add 3-4 strips of chopped bacon and render in a large pot with lid
  • Once bacon starts to look crispy, add in onions, celery,  and [optional] leeks
  • Add salt and pepper each time you add a veggie
  • When onions and celery turn translucent, add eggplant
  • Sauté and cover for 3-4 min
  • Open lid, sauté again, then add butternut squash, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and 3 branches of thyme
  • Close lid and mix from time to time
  • Tastes butternut squash to see if it is ready, once this is to your liking the rest of the veggies should be fully cooked as well
  • Add lemon set once it is cooked and stir
  • Toast pecans separately in small pan, approximately 3 min on low-medium heat, watching carefully so that they don’t burn
  • Scoop the casserole onto plates or bowls and top with toasted pecans. Voilà!


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